Monday, February 20, 2012

Are you down?

         Have you ever felt let down. Disappointed. I'm sure we all have. Well recently I have felt down a bit, but there are also things to cheer us up. Now I am a Christian. I ave been one all my life. My father is the pastor at my church. So for me I read the Bible. If you actually give that a try and look for things God has said on depression then you will feel better. Now but just don't go and just read that is not the point; you have to understand what God is saying. Ask these questions to yourself:
    1. Does this passage (or whatever your reading) connect to my life?
    2.Will this change how I view what I am going through?
    3.Will I remember this in the near future?

         If you take time whenever out of your day, sit down and read and understand what you are reading, I guarantee God will do AMAZING things in your life, but first you have to pray. God wants you to know that he is there for you no matter what. In the times of good and bad, he is always there. 

~Seeing is believing, believing is seeing. 

Believe that he is there because he is. You don't always have to see to believe.